The Honeygain app was created to allow users to earn money online by sharing their internet connection.



9/18/20222 min read


What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is the very first app that helps its users to earn money online by sharing their internet connection. People can now unleash the full potential of their unused data plans and not leave unused data behind! It really is passive income - effortless!

How does Honeygain work?

Basically, by using Honeygain, you are essentially using your internet connection to make money for yourself. The app facilitates proxy services to third parties such as data scientists, Fortune 500 and other trusted companies. The Honeygain network is used by researchers from e-commerce, advertising and web intelligence companies. These companies extract information from the web using Honeygain to create market research, ad fraud prevention, brand protection, price intelligence, travel fare aggregation, and SEO tracking services.

How to use Honeygain?

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to use CryptoTab Browser:

Step 1: Signing up

Go to Honeygain using this link and click on the "Claim $5 now" button shown below to create a Honeygain account and claim your $5 bonus!

Then, create a Honeygain account with your email and password and verify your email.

Step 2: Download the app

Click on the "Download app" button in the top right corner as shown below, and choose the platform you want to download the Honeygain app to.

Honeygain Download
Honeygain Download
Honeygain Sign Up
Honeygain Sign Up

Step 3: Install and run

The last step to start earning money with Honeygain is to install the app, login with your email and password, and run it. Keep it running in the background and wait patiently for your honey to be collected.

You will be able to see your honey balance in your Honeygain dashboard in the browser. Every 1000 honey collected are equal to $1.

How to earn more with Honeygain?

You are able to connect up to ten different devices to a single Honeygain account. Add more devices to your account by downloading the app. You can also encourage your friends to sign up for Honeygain and profit more from their memberships!


If you don't mind a platform that makes decent monthly payments for nothing, then Honeygain is for you.

This app is a legit platform that won't compromise your data security, although you shouldn't bother signing up if you don't want to share your internet.

But if you want to start earning regular passive income, you can install the app on your device of choice and create an account.

Honeygain Collecting Honey
Honeygain Collecting Honey