is an online passive income website to earn passive money online by taking surveys and sharing your internet.



9/18/20222 min read

What is

IPRoyal Pawns, the global app that allows people all over the world to earn money by sharing their internet connection, just got a brand new name along with new features to make it even more attractive to users. The development team wanted to:

  1. Allow users to earn much more than previous versions of the app

  2. Incorporate surveys, a new way to make money with

  3. Introduce a brand new and optimized app design

  4. Improve the user experience by fixing any existing bugs and making any necessary incremental changes

The new offers features that allow users to monetize in new and more efficient ways, including a brand new feature: surveys. Surveys allow users to share their views and answer questions related to technology, cosmetics, fashion, politics, and more.

The internet sharing feature has also received a significant boost. already offers the best rates on the market, but the development team has made sure that the connection is now considerably more stable, allowing users to earn 10% more on average.

How to use

Here is our step-by-step guide on how to use

Step 1: Signing up

Go to using this link and click on the "Claim 1$ NOW!" button to register for free and receive a $1 credit to your balance!

Step 2: Download the app

When you've finished setting up your account, you'll need to download the Pawns app before you can begin making money with the platform. Click on the "Download" button from the left sidebar as shown below, and choose for which platform you want to download the app. Download Page Download Page Sign Up Page Sign Up Page

Step 3: Install and run

The last step to start earning money with is to install the app, login with your email and password, and run it. Keep it running in the background and wait patiently for your profit to be generated.

How to earn more with

To start earning more with, simply invite your friends! You will earn even more if you run the application on more than one unique home IP address. In other words, the more unique IPs you can use, the more you earn.

Conclusion is a great way to make passive money online by completing surveys and sharing your internet. The faster your internet speed is and the more unique IPs you can use, the more money you will be able to share and earn. It's secure and safe, and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. We highly recommend this site for anyone looking to start making some extra cash on the side. Running Running